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Shaheed Udham Singh Determination-The Freedom Fighter.

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Who was Shaheed Udham Singh?

Shaheed Udham Singh was born on 26 December 1899 in Punjab at the village Sunam. In the next two years, her mother died. And his father Tehal Singh Kambol was a railway crossing watchmen in the village of upalli who died when Shaheed Udham Singh’s age was 8 years old. After That Udham Singh and his brother Mukta Singh sent to Central Khalsa orphanage in Punjab. The childhood name of Udham Singh was Sher Singh hence it was changed in an orphanage. In the year 1919, Shaheed Udham Singh left Orphanage.

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Shaheed Udham Singh


On 10 April 1919, THE INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS the number of members have arrested under the Rowlatt Act. 13 APRIL 1919 A meeting organized in a JALLIANWALAN BAGH. The meeting was against the new British Act Rowlatt Act. They protesting very peacefully in the JALLIANWALAN BAGH Moreover 20,000 people protesting there against the Rowlatt Act. Udham Singh and his friends of the orphanage serving water to the protestors. Without warning, General Reginald Edward Harry Dyer ordered his troops to fire the assembled crowd in JALLIANWALAN BAGH. There is only one exit on that particular area the soldiers were there. People try to escape from there moreover they can’t because of the high wall and there was only a single exit. Luckily Udham Singh was saved however on that Udham Singh decided to involved in revolutionary politics.

Revolutionary politics-

Udham Singh decided to kill General Reginald Edward Harry Dyer. Udham Singh left India and went to the United States of America, and work there a car company as a toolmaker. He brought revolver and arrested by police in Amritsar under Arms Act 1927. Udham Singh released in the year 1931 moreover after released he opened a shop which he named RAM MUHAMMAD SINGH AZAD. Because Udham Singh believed in Unity.

Udham Singh Went to LONDON-

1935 Udham Singh left India and went LONDON for the shoot of the General Reginald Edward Harry Dyer. Udham Singh did many small for stay at LONDON moreover he is waiting for the shoot of the target. Finally, that day came on 13 March 1940 at CAXTON HALL. Udham Singh Hiding a Revolver in a Book very smartly. Moreover when the speech of General Dyer was completed Udham Singh shot 6 times on General Dyer. The crowd was rushed around. Moreover, Udham Singh doesn’t try to escape from there. Udham Singh got arrested. After that Udham Singh was hanged on 31 July 1940.


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