October 30, 2020

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What about THE IPL 2020? Is in THE UAE?

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Here the News is out related to IPL from where and when the IPL will take place. Moreover, the IPL has a separate fan base in India as well as in the Foreign country. IPL(Indian Premier League) latest information revealed by BCCI on 17 July in the AGM meeting. BCCI current president Sourav Ganguly officially confirmed ASIA cup 2020 had canceled, and the T20 The world cup may be canceled soon. BCCI is the plan to organize IPL has majorly opted for Two options the one is in India and the other one is in Foreign country.


Indian Premier League 2020
Indian Premier League 2020

So, Where is IPL going to take place?

The BCCI(Board of Control for Cricket in India) had dropped the option of IPL organize in India. The BCCI opted for the option of one of the Foreign Country UAE(Dubai). The BCCI cricket operator of UAE “Salman Hanif” officially asked for permission to The Government of UAE, for an International Stadium. “Salman Hanif” statement “The Stadium has Nine Wicket on the top in case a large number of matches have to be accommodated within a smaller time-frame. We will not be Scheduling any matches there to keep the Wickets fresh,” Hanif Told.

Moreover, 38 days and 60 matches going to take place in The UAE.

The statement coming from IPL team Captain’s that they are ready for the matches which will take place outside India which is in THE UAE.

Conditions for Players

The players occurring for the matches they have to do the minimum practice of 3 weeks in August. Also, the practice will take place in THE UAE. The matches will take place from September to November. Good news for the player is the Fees of players remain the same as the losses were occurred by BCCI. The players don’t have to quarantine themselves in THE UAE. They start there practice just from reach in THE UAE

UAE stadium Worldtrendss.com
A picture of UAE stadium

The all-over the decision of IPL matches in The UAE country. It is still in the hands of The Government of INDIA. The possibility of a decision of IPL will take place this week. HOPE that the IPL will take place with special safeguards of players as well as the fans of crickets.

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